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Entry criteria

  • You must be a brand, agency or non-profit operating or with headquarters in North America or South America.
  • The majority of the work on the campaign was done in the last 12 months; January 2021 - March 2022.
  • Work that has previously won a ‘Campaign Power of Purpose’ award is not eligible. 

Entry form

Your entry is a 250 word submission detailing why you are deserving of the award in your chosen category. Please include the following information:

Work-based categories:

  • How a campaign you developed has influenced behavior.
  • How the campaign drove tangible business results or a policy change for a client.
  • Why the work was effective for the client or cause you aimed to advance.
  • What makes the work or initiative stand apart. 
  • Any relevant metrics or financial results that support your entry.

Person-based category:

  • Explain how this person is leading the charge in purpose-driven marketing or brand purpose work with examples of past work. 
  • Share results of the person's efforts in the space, such as the financial or societal impact of a specific campaign or project. 
  • Share examples and results of noteworthy changes and improvements made to the vertical or society at large due to this individual's purpose work. 

Each entry must contain at least two pieces of creative support material eg. video, artwork samples.